About Us

We are so pleased to be able to bring The Way of the Buzzard Mystery School into the World and are really excited about where it will lead us all.

We have both trained as Shamanic Practitioners and in 2013 we set up The Way of the Buzzard, which is based in the northwest of England, and through which we offer workshops, weekend retreats, a Spring festival, monthly drum journey circles, a sacred tool shop and drum birthing days.

Since we first met we have talked about setting up a School through which we can teach the old ways. That dream is now a reality.

Through The Way of the Buzzard Mystery School we help  modern day wisdom seekers apply ancient knowledge and nature’s insight so that they can find peace, joy and fulfilment in this changing World.

Our Teachers

Teachers who we have sat at the feet at and continuously draw from their teachings include Dr Martin Shaw from the West Country School of Myth, and his Rite of Passage year training, Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling and their yearlong celebrancy training, and Angus Soutar Permaculture Design Certificate from the Northern Permaculture Design School.

Jayne Johnson taught us on the Wheel of the Year course and we did our Shamanic Practitioner Training with her. Jason apprenticed under Robyn Fell and gathered wisdom from American teacher Mary Curtis.

Nicola has also completed the year long Joanna Macy Work that Reconnects training led by Chris Johnson, and the Twelve Pillars of Atlantis training led by Stuart Pearce. Nicola is a Chartered Environmentalist, and has a Diploma in Embodied Relational Therapy, and a Diploma in Learning & Development.

The Way of the Buzzard Mystery School helps modern day wisdom seekers apply ancient knowledge and nature’s insight so that they can find peace, joy and fulfilment in this changing World. You will have access to different course depending on the level of your membership within the Mystery School, whether you subscribe to our School through a monthly fee, or purchase our range of stand alone courses, including our Masterclasses.

Here are a few words about each of us:
About Jason

I work with the realm of nature spirits, the Sidhe Realm of ancient lore, to help regain the balance with nature on our beautiful planet. The physical world of nature, both outer and inner, are key to this essential process and I strive to discover and understand the voices of our places.

For me, time out in nature, barefoot, connecting with the rhythm of life is the most nurturing of activities. Too, working with the faeries and other elemental forces at large in our world is vital for my well-being.

Age old shamanic practices ease my journey into the realms and inform my every step along the way. My lifelong quest brings me to this place now. What is around the corner is yet a mystery.
About Nicola

Over the years I have come to realise that this work in the World is twofold. I spent fifteen years working in Sustainable Development within the corporations, public sector and local communities, believing that I could change the World. This led me to a place of exhaustion and the search for healing my inner World, which I see as the second prong in creating a new Earth.

In my mid thirties,  my healing journey led me to travelling to the Otherworlds, and draw on the healing qualities of nature. This has transformed my way of being here on Earth, and I believe the most important thing we can do in this transformational times is fall back in love with the Earth again.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, far from it, but I have been gifted a toolkit to help support myself and others through the transition we are all feeling, and that we are all a part of.


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