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Drum Journey Circle

Join in our monthly virtual drum journey circles and access the recordings of past circles. Perfect if you cannot make it to a physical circle.

Explore the Sabbats

Wander the Wheel of the year with us and enjoy seasonal wisdoms, inspirational lessons and ceremony suggestions.
Learn how to align your life with nature and the natural seasons.

Shamanic journeying course

Deep dive into the theory and practice of the shamanic journey with this carefully crafted course which includes several guided and unguided journeys.

Deep Nature Connection Mini Course

Discover how to get even more from your time out in nature with this three part mini course.

Be a Part of a Growing Community

Join in the discussions on the private Mystery School facebook group and take part in the regular Coaching Calls which are recorded for your future use.

Working with Tree Spirit Medicine

Work through the sacred trees of the Celtic Ogham with us throughout the coming year. Learn the identity and energy of each of the 20 trees.

A Growing Curriculum

We at The Way of The Buzzard are committed to add new content to our Mystery School and already have plans for another Foundation course dealing with Animal Spirit Medicine.

In addition to this we have a range of mini courses under development which will be added over the coming weeks and months.

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